Experience You Can Trust.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 8.49.17 PMFounded in 1986 by three close friends—Allan A. Blank, Steven B. Goolnick, and Marc M. Dittenhoefer—personal injury and medical malpractice firm Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer has very deliberately maintained a size that allows it to meet the individual needs of each case head-on, and as a team. The partners take responsibility for everything that comes in and goes out of the office, and clients receive swift, straight answers directly from a partner. A mainstay member firm of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, they have achieved multimillion-dollar results for clients who have been injured through the negligent, careless, or improper behavior of another. “We’ve chosen to try and do well in our lives by doing good for others,” is their motto.

Unlike many other life events in which an individual may turn to a lawyer for assistance, a personal injury strikes at the heart of a person’s existence. Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer recognize that whatever accident has brought an individual to them has deeply affected every aspect of that person’s life, from how they earn their living to how (and if) they can play with their children. Part of their role is to act as confidants and advisors, looking out for their client’s best interests at every step, even in preparing for when the lawsuit is over.

“Just because you’ve been hurt doesn’t mean that the kids still don’t need to go to college, or that your rent doesn’t have to get paid. These are the things that people never thought they’d have to think twice about, until they’re injured” says Mr. Dittenhoefer.

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