Car Accidents

Nothing is more common in today’s legal landscape than car, truck or vehicle accidents. We all know about them, have seen them, have read about them and many of us have even been in one: usually just a simple “fender-bender”. Everyone thinks they know what they need to know about auto accidents, until one happens to them. From that point on – even in the simplest of collisions – things can get very complicated, very quickly.

Serious injuries resulting from a car, motorcycle, or truck accident require knowledgeable, experienced, and committed legal representation to protect your rights and to make sure you receive the medical care and monetary compensation that you’re entitled to. New York is a “No-Fault Automobile Insurance” state. In a nutshell, that means that there are special rights, rules, regulations and limitations regarding vehicle accident cases. Standards that apply to everyone and everything else may not apply to a “No-Fault” case and even when they do, prompt, knowledgable and appropriate action is key to getting what you’re entitled to. Wait too long – or do it wrong – and your rights may be gone forever!

For people hurt in an accident, there are always two separate paths to travel, even though they come close at times and may even touch one another. The first and most important is the path back to health. Proper medical care and treatment is key to recovery from an accident in every sense. The second path is knowing and properly exercising your legal rights. Following the proper legal advice is key to getting medical care paid for, getting property damage fixed or reimbursed, recovering lost wages, and learning whether the injuries are serious enough under the law to justify the damages award that only a lawsuit can provide.

Count on the professionals at Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer to guide you through the entire legal process.

Speak directly with one of our partners who will provide you with up-to-the-minute answers to all your legal questions. We will diligently sort through the details of your unique case, and will explain how to properly defend your rights and help to ensure that everything that you are legally entitled to comes your way. Gaining proper compensation for any injury or loss resulting from a vehicle accident is not an easy task, but it is not luck or magic either. Our partners have decades of experience in handling just your kind of problem, and will take the time to speak with you and let you know all of your options. We don’t just focus on the injury, we focus on the person and what the injury has meant to her/his whole life.

In just a moment of inattention, a vehicle can wreak havoc: immense pain, suffering, loss, and even death. The consequences can have immediate devastating results, and can also lead to long-term or permanent suffering and loss. At the New York City personal injury law firm of Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer, we know how to help you do something about it!

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