Firm Overview

Who We Are and What We Do

When it comes to choosing a law firm, we at Blank, Goolnick, and Dittenhoefer understand that there are many law offices in and around New York City that know what they’re doing. It’s never easy to state what makes one firm stand out from the rest. And yet, every client is faced with that vital decision: why choose one experienced, accomplished and capable firm over the rest? What makes the attorney/client relationship a “good fit”?

The most important thing we bring to the table is the personal attention and time we devote to each and every client and in each and every case. We limit ourselves to practice in areas where we have the knowledge and experience to take on even the most complicated cases, and we limit our practice to cases that we choose to take for people that we get to know and deal with on a one-on-one basis. Our attorneys take personal responsibility for every inquiry, and we offer free initial consultations to help determine what we can do for you.

Amongst the three of us we have 100 years of experience in the personal injury, Trial Practice and civil justice fields of law. We have practiced together since 1986, and have kept our firm small and focused. Our support staff is well-trained, capable and fiercely loyal, to ourselves, our clients and our causes. And, though we often mentor law students while in school, we have never hired an Associate: every case, every decision, every document and every result that comes out of our office is the responsibility of our Partners. Our clients have full access to our best judgment and the benefit of our experience every time they call, write or come into the office. None of our clients’ cases are ever left in the care of someone just out of Law School or looking towards their next career move!

We understand that “small” is not for everyone. We know that some people feel more comfortable and secure with a large firm, many different lawyers and paralegals, and a fancy office behind them. We respect that choice, and have many friends and colleagues working in firms just like that. We, too, have had experience working in firms just like that before founding BG&D. That business model was not for us.

We have chosen a more “personal” path. We get to know our clients and their needs, and can spend the extra time with them attending to their problems and explaining their options because we have chosen to practice just that way. We have a busy Court schedule and many obligations to meet every day, and it is not possible to be available every moment for every phone call from every client. But we pride ourselves in taking ALL the calls we possibly can, and in returning those we cannot within 1 business day. We make ourselves available for personal visits as often as is necessary, and actually welcome inquiries from clients about their cases.

Our business model based upon closeness, focus and commitment has worked well for us over the years, as well as for those clients who appreciate that sort of approach. It has also gained the notice – and the respect – of many other attorneys within our profession. A significant portion of our cases involve clients that have been referred to us by other lawyers who do what we do, know what we can do, and have seen what we have done. ( Some have even been referred by the “larger” law firms we have chosen not to be like! )

Where do we specialize?

Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases. This is a general term for any action that wrongfully robs, impairs, or alters a person’s life, health, safety, reputation or well-being. Among our personal injury areas are wrongful death claims, auto accidents, bike/motorcycle accidents, premises liability, municipal liability, medical negligence, and catastrophic injuries, which include birth injuries, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, as well as serious accidental injuries of all types.

Choose Blank, Goolnick, and Dittenhoefer

We have these things to offer you: our time, knowledge, experience, commitment, personal attention and honesty. We understand the fear and confusion that comes with any injury, and we’re here to help take that away. We’ve been around a long time and we’ve had success and built a solid reputation. We’re not “salesmen”, and we don’t play “doctor”. It’s taken years of doing the right thing that has built our good name. We walk into every courtroom with the confidence that both the judges and opposing lawyers are going to take us seriously.

Not every firm is right for every client, nor every client for any firm. If our approach appeals to you, give us a call or write us a note: we’ll take you seriously! We promise.

Our People

Our personal injury attorneys, Allan A. BlankMarc M. Dittenhoefer, and Steven B. Goolnick, together with the rest of our bilingual staff, are committed to our clients’ causes and take the time to explain to clients, in understandable language, the law applicable to their personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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