Wrongful Death

If you believe a family member died because of the negligence of another, our goal is to obtain compensation for you and other survivors for pain and suffering, all present and future expenses, lost wages, and any other physical, emotional, or financial losses or damages incurred because of your loss, including loss of enjoyment of life.. Contact a wrongful death attorney at the New York personal injury law firm of Blank, Goolnick, and Dittenhoefer today.

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Personal Injury • Wrongful Death

  • Motor vehicle accident, fatal car crash
  • Construction accident
  • Premises liability
  • Medical malpractice, severe brain injury

At Blank, Goolnick, and Dittenhoefer, our personal injury attorneys represent individuals in pursuit of fair compensation for the wrongful death of a family member.

Wrongful Death • Compensation for Your Loss

Blank, Goolnick, and Dittenhoefer has more than 20 years of experience, and our attorneys help to manage the following aspects of your case while offering responsive, personal attention from a firm partner who cares and is knowledgeable about your case.

  • Lost wages
  • Household expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

Your life changed overnight due to your traumatic permanent injury or a wrongful death. Throughout the legal process we offer:

  • Direct partner contact on all matters
  • Aggressive representation designed to protect our clients’ rights
  • Clear answers to questions
  • Steady guidance throughout the legal process

Although a lost life can never be replaced, we can help surviving family members to improve the quality of their life, obtain compensation for their loss and other expenses, including loss of enjoyment of life, and ensure justice served. Contact us today for our dedication to your successful outcome.

Contact Our New York Wrongful Death Lawyers

Contact a wrongful death lawyer at the New York law office of Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer today. We offer a free consultation.

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